Sexual Harassment Is A Serious Issue Mr Trump. Take it Seriously

As the Access Hollywood tape emerged exposing Donald Trumps lewd comments and disrespectful attitude towards women, I was not surprised. Not surprised because there are many men like Donald Trump around the world. Many. I have met them personally. From groups of men in Lebanon laughing about sexually harassing women to watching the smiles spread over the faces of men throughout Latin America as I’ve complained of sexual harassment, there is no doubt to me that there are many men around the world that enjoy harassing women. For these men sexual harassment is funny, it’s a joke. Sexual harassment is not to be taken seriously. Like Donald Trump’s dismissal that those disgusting comments he made on that bus was just ‘locker room talk’ and there are more serious issues that we should get back to, many men just shrug their shoulders and laugh at sexual harassment, they dismiss this issue as ‘nothing serious.’

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