SNP MPs Called ‘Bullies’ For ‘Intimidating’ STV Into ‘Silencing’ Journalist Stephen Daisley

Journalists have described accusations that the SNP bullied a major broadcaster into “gagging” one of its commentators “deeply disturbing”. 

Stephen Daisley, digital politics and comments editor for broadcaster STV, has not had a column published on its website in more than a month, after two MPs who had clashed with him on Twitter met with STV executives, The Herald reported.

Daisley has been often outspoken on Twitter, earning the ire of SNP MPs Pete Wishart and John Nicolson, a former BBC and ITV journalist.

Daisley’s columns had included criticism of the SNP. In one, he said the party was “expert at mining grievance from even the most innocuous act or statement”.

The Herald also reported the SNP raised concerns about the channel’s digital output and Daisley in the spring at a Westminster event organised by STV.

The Herald quoted a Labour source saying: “The SNP have a track record of intimidating journalists. It’s very concerning the party of government continues to attempt to silence any criticism against it.”

JK Rowling, who lives in Scotland and opposes Scottish independence, has previously accused Wishart of pursuing a “vendetta” against Daisley, after he demanded to know earlier this year whether one of the journalist’s opinion was shared by STV.

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