Sofa Company Amber Rudd Used To Attack Overseas Employment Has ‘75% British’ Workforce, Says Owner

The boss believed to have been used by Amber Rudd to attack companies for recruiting too many foreign workers has revealed 75% of his workforce is British and says he is “very disappointed” by her comments.

Matt O’Flynn, managing director of sofa manufacturer Collins and Haye, was visited by the home secretary in 2015. He believes it was his firm she used on Wednesday to push a policy forcing companies to reveal the number of foreign staff they employ. 

Rudd had appeared on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, using the anecdote of having visited a factory that failed to recruit locally to defend her against claims the policy proposal was xenophobic and racist

She said: 

“I went and visited a factory quite recently where they recruit almost exclusively from Romania and Poland, where they have people who have experience in factories building these sofas that they have. They didn’t even consider training locally – there was a local college they could have worked with, but they choose to recruit outside the UK.”

But less than 24-hours later, O’Flynn hit back at Rudd saying 75% of his workforce was British. 

“She’s our local MP and we are a company that’s been going through a lot of reorganisation and investment in infrastructure, so we wanted to show her what we were doing to invest in her constituency,” O’Flynn told the BBC on Thursday.

Asked how he felt about Rudd’s reaction to visiting the factory, he said he was “very disappointed”. 

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