Swimmer misses Rio shot, starts coffee venture

Entrepreneur supports startup with Clinton and Trump themed coffee

Berkeley grad Chuck Katis envisioned he’d be competing in Rio this August.

He spent a past year training, usually to tumble only brief of creation a U.S. Olympic float group during a trials in June.

“I put my heart and essence into swimming,” Katis, 23, told CNNMoney. “How do we understanding with that arrange of disappointment?”

Katis has been channeling his appetite into entrepreneurship given returning to San Francisco after a trials in Omaha, Nebraska.

If he can’t follow in a footsteps of a Michael Phelps, because not go a approach of Airbnb owner Brian Chesky instead?

chuck katis trump hillary coffee
If Chuck Katis can’t get a bullion medal, he’ll settle for a subsequent Airbnb

Back in 2008 when it was still called Air Bed Breakfast, Airbnb launched an election-inspired selling campaign to lift code recognition and cash. The association sole limited-edition boxes of cereal with animation caricatures of Obama and McCain. Boxes of Obama O’s and Cap’n McCain’s cost $39 (5% of a deduction went to a campaign.)

Katis pronounced he remembered reading about a debate 8 years ago, and now he’s perplexing his palm during doing something similar.

Taking a page from a book of Chesky, Katis launched Caffeine 2016 about 3 weeks ago.

About 100 people have purchased 12 oz. bags of coffee, one with design desirous by Trump and one for Hillary, for $19.95 each.

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For any 50 bags sold, Katis is changing adult a design to keep things fresh. Currently, a Trump bag reads “Dunkin Democrats.” There’s also a Hillary bag called “Billary Blend.”

The Trump bags have been many popular, according to Katis, who wasn’t certain anyone would buy possibly bag. He hadn’t even lined adult a retailer for a coffee when he initial launched a website.

Like with Airbnb, 5% of increase from any object sole will be given to any of a campaigns. The rest will be used for Katis’ entrepreneurial pursuits. He’s behind preparation record startup ‘Mentagrate’ (“mental aggregate”), a QA marketplace to assistance students answer questions. He’s also pouring his jaunty knowledge and coding skills into Hack Fitness, a content summary use for customized aptness routines.

chuck katis cards instory
Katis pronounced he’s been preoccupied by sorcery tricks given he was a kid. “I was desirous not only to be a behaving gorilla during parties or float meets, though to use it for something better.”

Katis has prolonged been entrepreneurial. In 2009, during age 16, he started a non-profit called “Magic of Miracles,” a network of subterraneous magicians that dump by hospitals and homeless shelters to perform sorcery tricks.

“In that moment, when we can’t figure out a trick, you’re impossibly present,” pronounced Katis. “I’ve finished it for investors, business partners, guys on a travel in Berkeley.”

Katis even finished adult carrying a portion confront with David Blaine as a beginner during Harvard University (Katis eliminated to Berkeley after dual and a half years.) He and Blaine kept in touch; and 5 years, Blaine achieved during a homeless preserve with “Magic of Miracles.”

While Katis is no longer spending adult to 6 hours a day training, he hops in a pool daily if he can.

“Swimming is something we do, though it doesn’t indispensably conclude me,” he said. “The many moving athletes or entrepreneurs, are those who are perplexing to be bigger than their sport.”

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