Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Picture ‘Doctored’ By Police For Counter-Terrorism Campaign

The tweet looked like a retweet of a fan account called ‘Taylor Swift News’ with the Twitter handle @TSwiftNZ.

The original picture of the couple, which had been widely-shared, showed Hiddleston wearing a t-shirt reading ‘I love TS’, and the @TSwiftNZ account had originally tweeted: “Tom and Taylor at the beach today! Tom is wearing a I ♥ TS top!” 

But the edited tweet, on 4 July, read: “Tom is wearing an I ♥ Prevent top!”.

It used the hashtag #tomsaidnotobondbecausepreventdontspy.

The @NorPolPrevent account promotes Prevent, the Government’s scheme to prevent extremism, which has been likened to ‘spying’ by critics because people are encouraged to report suspicious behaviour of friends and family.

Internal emails show that one member of the police force called the tweet “irresponsible in the extreme”.

The editing was confirmed after a Freedom of Information request from Middle East Eye (MEE),

Northamptonshire Police revealed redacted versions of email exchanges between its staff, showing it received at least one complaint about the tweet.

A news producer for the force emailed saying: “Did we photoshop this? And can it please be deleted ASAP.”

In text which had some parts redacted, the email said: “Photoshopping [redacted] to suggest [redacted] is irresponsible in the extreme.”

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