Tech CEO Chahal condemned to a year in jail

gurbaksh chahal

Silicon Valley businessman Gurbaksh Chahal was condemned to a year in county jail on Friday, after violating his trial in a domestic attack box by committing a second act of domestic violence.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Tracie Brown pronounced a judgment can be behind tentative a expected interest from Chahal’s lawyers.

In 2013, Chahal was arrested for attack his afterwards partner inside his San Francisco apartment. Prosecutors had notice footage they contend showed Chahal regularly kicking a lady and attempting to douse her with a pillow. The decider did not concede a video to be submitted as justification since it wasn’t scrupulously performed by police.

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Chahal beg guilty to dual misconduct attack charges in sell for 3 years probation, 25 hours of village use and a domestic attack course. He mislaid his pursuit as CEO of RadiumOne, a digital promotion company, and was after sued by former employees for discrimination.

Five months into his probation, he allegedly assaulted another woman, this time by kicking her repeatedly, according to prosecutors. They pronounced Chahal threatened to news a lady to immigration for a fake green-card matrimony if she spoke out. Chahal pronounced both women had been dishonest to him.

Chahal sentencing
Chahal withdrawal a San Francisco building on Friday after being condemned to a year in jail.

“He has had his chance,” pronounced partner district profession O’Bryan Kenney during a hearing.

O’Bryan Kenney pronounced committing an act of domestic attack while holding a march on domestic attack showed that Chahal “clearly did not get a message.”

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During a sentencing hearing, a invulnerability took emanate with a fact that a second attack plant had not seemed in justice to testify. The woman, who returned to South Korea, cited remoteness and danger concerns. But Chahal’s counsel James Lassart pronounced a lady had a open Instagram comment and was therefore not endangered with privacy.

“A man’s autocracy might be taken divided and a declare never appeared,” pronounced Lassart.

The invulnerability also asked a justice to take into care Chahal’s several free activities and his deteriorating health due to a new diagnosis of a “functional neurological disorder.”

The 34-year aged rose to celebrity after offered an progressing promotion association to Yahoo (YAHOF) for $300 million in 2007. He after done appearances on “Oprah” and “The Secret Millionaire,” and published a memoir.

Chahal’s authorised group has 30 days to record an appeal.

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