The ‘Clinton and Trump Show’ Needs Less Attitude and More Latitude

I’m not a socialist by any means but I still have to agree with them and admit that modern politics doesn’t seem to represent all or even the majority of the people in the USA. Where is the representation for the bottom 20% who are slipping of the edge, marginalized and with no idea how to make their voice heard? What is the blueprint for turning things around? What are the coordinates for America to navigate itself out of the wars its involved in and to avoid becoming embroiled in more of them? I just see two people using what they have to get elected. For Trump, creating fear and cynicism are his chief tools; elect me or allow the terrorists to take over. Clinton has been less able to promote her ideas if she has any worth listening to mainly because she has been preoccupied with ducking and diving the stream of accusations of lies and deceit that are routinely and manifestly fired at her. This has been a veritable mass graveyard of skeletons, some but not all previously in the closet, that has risen up and is now running amok on the political drama stage that is her life. Trump and Clinton have much more in common than appears and indeed, I really can’t see much difference between Donald and Bill. Hillary’s feminist stance is well, less than window dressing really. Over the past months, the Clinton campaign and its celebrity supporters have worked hard to convince the American public that “Hillary” is synonymous with feminism. What hogwash that it is. She knows and tolerates misogyny very well and first hand; she hung on to its coattails to get where she is today.

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