The David Bowie emoji has arrived

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What do avocados, owls and a late David Bowie have in common? They all underline in a new collection of emojis expelled by Apple this week.

And if that leaves we feeling like a “facepalm” competence be in order, there’s one for that too.

Apple expelled a beta chronicle of a iOS 10.2 for iPhone and iPad to purebred developers progressing this week. The refurbish includes full support for 72 new emojis recently authorized by a Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organisation that creates globally standardised emojis and content characters.

The new set of pictograms is already being distinguished for most larger gender equality. Previous array mostly decorated women as portrayal their nails and dancing salsa, while detectives, military officers and surfers were all exclusively male.

david bowie emoji

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The refurbish includes womanlike versions of all of a professions decorated — judges, teachers, firefighters, astronauts and plumbers. There’s even a womanlike chronicle of David Bowie and Santa Claus.

The equivalence works both ways: a new set includes a king and a groom, to element a bride and princess that were already available.

The recover follows a large pull by Google to foster gender equivalence by emoji. Google pronounced in May it wanted a new operation of veteran women pictograms to foster “the farrago of women’s careers” and fight sexism.

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— Alanna Petroff contributed to this report.

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