The Fear Of Losing White Male Privilege Is Felt By All Of Us

bell hooks wrote that “all people of color are threats [to white supremacists] irrespective of their behavior”. And women of colour represent a “double threat” to patriarchy by challenging both sexism and racism at the same time. Nowhere is this more evident than when the US Republican Party, which is largely controlled by Conservative white men, did not condemn Donald Trump for hiring a chief government strategist, who previously oversaw a website promoting anti-women and anti-Muslim views. In the current climate, it did not really shock me that over half of white women in the US voted for a man who not only threatens their bodily integrity, but also their reproductive rights. Many women internalise misogyny, just as some people of colour internalise racism. It was sadly not a major surprise in June either when anti-immigrant hate crimes – particularly directed at women – increased after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

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