The Fight For Britain’s Liberal Traditions

In the newspaper’s habitually fine writing, the government are characterised as “wreckers. They are reckless. They are irresponsible. They know only what they do not like.” “There is a clear tendency……to interpret the referendum results as an unambiguous support for a divisive, right-wing agenda.”
The newspaper is, if course, absolutely right. But, to coin a modern idiom, “No Sh*t Sherlock!”. Of course Brexit has been crucial in all this – part catalyst, part catharsis, part turbo-charged accelerator. Of course we – surely including some who voted Leave – knew in our gut, what forces were waiting in the wings, swivel-eyed lunacy legitimised, bedlam being brought home. That’s why as we struggled to comprehend what we collectively had done on that June morning, a sense of disgust, incomprehension and fear gripped so many.

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