The iPhone 7 will cost Brits more. Blame Brexit

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Brits wanting to buy a new iPhone will have to puncture a lot deeper into their pockets. And it’s all down to Brexit.

In a U.S., a iPhone 7 will sell for a same volume as a iPhone 6S when it was expelled — $649 though tax.

But a cheapest 32GB iPhone 7 will cost 599 pounds ($799) in a U.K. That’s homogeneous to a cost travel of 11% over a iPhone 6S, that was accessible for 539 pounds.

Apple did not respond to CNNMoney’s ask for comment. But a apparent reason is a 11% tumble in a value of a bruise opposite a dollar given a U.K. voted to leave a European Union in June.

Apple clearly doesn’t wish to see a dollar value of a U.K. gain tumble by a identical amount.

Prices for other Apple products in a U.K., including Mac computers, iPads and accessories, are also rising. Apple did not announce a changes though simply lifted a prices in a online store.

Shoppers in a U.K. were left confused by a cost hike, with many angry on amicable media.

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This is not a initial time Apple has hiked prices in response to changes in a value of a dollar. It lifted prices of iPhones by 35% in Russia in Dec 2014, shortly after a ruble collapsed opposite a dollar.

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