The Lords Are Not Our Saviour

However, for this counter weight to be an unelected House of Lords in fur trim robes and finery is not only a grotesque failure of democracy: it is a failure of the imagination. Our imagination. It is us, the people, who own government. We who own our institutions of power and governance. So for pity’s sake let us be the architects of something better than the House of Lords. We do have the collective power to organise, criticise, demand and shape such change. We do not need to be governed by effete funders barely known or scrutinised by the public. An institutional counter to the Commons could be anything we chose. If we are to continue bombing civilians in faraway countries on the pretext of bringing democracy and freedom then we damn well need that second institution to be elected, transparent and publicly accountable, if we are not to wither from hypocrisy.

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