The Mainstream Media Root for Trump Transition Chaos


Press actively working to undermine the president-elect’s preparation for office

By Jim Stinson,

It has been just over a week since Republican Donald Trump won the White House.

Trump, a complete outsider and newcomer to government, has barely two months to transition into the Oval Office, and bring thousands of political appointees with him.

This should be a time when the media offers advice and helpful historic context.

Editorial boards should tell people to come together. Mild-mannered journalists at great metropolitan newspapers should be urging Trump to hire statesmen and experienced leaders as Cabinet members.

It’s not happening. Instead, there is outright media lust for failure, even expressions of hatred and disgust for the new president-elect.

“I don’t want Trump to succeed. I want him to fail spectacularly,” writes Michael Cohen of The Boston Globe.

Cohen says it’s all about the policies, but his remark is still a partisan outburst beyond the pale — even by the Left’s own standards. Rush Limbaugh made a similar comment about President Obama’s policies in 2009, and he was quickly and roundly denounced for it.

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