The Metro-Left’s Problem With The Working Class

It’s incredible that there is still any confusion anyway, when in Britain a significant number of Ukip voters have expressed clearly why they chose that party- it’s because they think there’s too much unrestricted immigration and it’s driving down working conditions, while also diluting cultural identity.
The party that supported workers previously, Labour, has been dismissive on immigration, while Ukip is strongly anti-immigration. Ukip has its share of odious qualities, but when did anyone ever vote for any party without holding their noses? On this issue people are voting for a party which directly addresses their concerns, whether you happen to agree with them or not. You don’t like the party that’s doing that? Neither do I, and neither, quite possibly, do many of those who vote for them, but until recently Ukip had been the only party to talk seriously about immigration. Tell the Greens to come out with a hard policy on restricting unskilled migration, and then they might pick up ground on the council estates.

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