The Right-Wing Press Is Using Brexit To Beat Anyone Who Doesn’t Agree With Their Single-Minded Rhetoric

For those who have read the judgment, it is difficult to do anything but admire the careful consideration of Parliamentary sovereignty. The judgment takes us on a whirlwind tour of constitutional principles, citing great British jurists such as Coke and Dicey. Critics suggesting the judges were out of touch with the will of the people clearly neglected the court’s reference to Dicey’s masterful analysis of Parliamentary sovereignty, from 1915: “The judges know nothing of any will of the people except insofar as that will is expressed by an Act of Parliament.” There is nothing undemocratic about ensuring law is made by Parliament. The court simply, and correctly, ruled that law is made by Parliament and not by kings, tyrants or Prime Ministers, even when they invoke “popular will”. Parliament, mindful of the referendum result, will rightly decide the next step. Not judges, not the media.

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