The Rules Of The Game

“An affront to democracy”, “A dog’s dinner”, that is the very least of it. No lesser person than Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, is reported as saying, “it’s very obvious gerrymandering. The whole thing stinks”. Well that sounds terrible, doesn’t it? No one suggests that the Boundary Commissioners themselves have misbehaved, of course. They are an independent body under the control of the Speaker but in practice chaired by a High Court Judge, so it must be the rules which they have to apply in making their recommendations which are wrong. Yes, that must be it, a recommendation made in accordance with wicked Tory rules to be forced through in due course by a wicked Tory majority. Labour’s prospects at the next election unfairly trashed. No wonder that it has given the Thornberrys of this world indigestion.

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