The Sun’s Jane Moore Complains App Used By Tabloids To Age Check Child Refugees Makes Her Look Old

Moore writes: “Using the picture at the top of this column, I was very excited to be told by that I looked 46.

“Then I remembered that I actually was 46 when it was taken eight years ago. So, in the interests of accuracy, I uploaded an “au naturel” (sic) image taken yesterday at the kitchen table and…

“Seventy-flaming-eight. So, dear reader, the fight back starts here.

“While I flatly refuse to go under the knife in the pursuit of cosmetic ‘improvement’, I fully intend to join an ever-youthful Kylie ­Minogue et al who swear by various non-invasive treatments to help them hold back the years.”

Moore appears to be unaware that the app first came to prominence in May last year.

It has resurfaced in recent weeks because a number of newspapers used the “face recognition software” to cast doubts over the age of child refugees coming to Britain.

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