The Waugh Zone September 26, 2016

Last Tuesday’s marathon NEC agreed to put the extra places plan to the conference. But at Saturday night’s meeting, Corbyn himself tried to delay it. He was met with a wall of anger from Scots Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, who will sit on the NEC herself if the plan is approved. PolHome has a corking quote of what she told Jez: “How dare you preach unity and then try to undermine me as Scottish leader?” As a result, just hours after his re-election, Corbyn was rebuffed by his own NEC.

Yesterday, some leftwingers tried to get a separate vote on the extra places. But the plan’s backers had rather cleverly insisted it was part of a wider package of rule changes including the Left’s coveted move to ensure sitting leaders don’t need MP nominations to get on a leadership ballot. As I reported last night, conference voted by a show of hands to reject moves to have separate votes. Len McCluskey wasn’t pleased.

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