Theresa May Accused Of Covering Up NHS Finance Pressures

In an open letter the committee’s chair Sarah Wollaston accused Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt of misleading the public by giving the impression the NHS was “awash with cash”.

In her letter Hillier said she was “dismayed” that the official Government response to Health Select Committee concerns “was to deny there was any issue”.

“This flies in the face of the evidence that our committees and the National Audit Office has uncovered”, she said.

The Labour MP added that the mantra from ministers and officials was that efficiencies would solve the problem, but that this was unrealistic.

She also highlighted problems for whistleblowers within the NHS, saying they “too often” found themselves “pariahs in the system”.

“There is a long list of formal whistleblowers who have never worked in the NHS again as a result of their willingness to raise their concerns”, she said.

She warned that the Government needed to “seriously reconsider” the NHS budget, “and to produce a coherent long-term plan for health and social care systems”.

“If the NHS is to survive we need an honest discussion about budget pressures.”

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