Theresa May Echoes Margaret Thatcher As She Says Tories Will Target Working Classes

”That’s what government’s about: action. It’s about doing something, not being someone. About identifying injustices, finding solutions, driving change. Taking, not shirking, the big decisions. Having the courage to see things through.”

“But a change has got to come. It’s time to remember the good that government can do.

“Time for a new approach that says while government does not have all the answers, government can and should be a force for good; that the state exists to provide what individual people, communities and markets cannot; and that we should employ the power of government for the good of the people.”

The PM will say the voters reject “the socialist left and the libertarian right” and that she wants the Tories to “embrace a new centre ground in which government steps up – and not back – to act on behalf of the people”.

“Providing security from crime, but from ill health and unemployment too. Supporting free markets, but stepping in to repair them when they aren’t working as they should. Encouraging business and supporting free trade, but not accepting one set of rules for some and another for everyone else.”

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