Theresa May Quizzed About Shoes On Good Morning Britain, Points Out People ‘Don’t Focus On Boris Johnson’s’

May also told Good Morning Britain that she set about invoking Article 50 to give people ‘certainty’ following the Brexit referedum, ITV reported.

In particular, the PM said she wished to reassure businesses who were left somewhat in the dark following the vote to leave the EU.

“We are going to make a really good deal, we are going to make a success of this,” she said.
”We’re the only major party that’s actually listening to people.”

“The message that people gave us in June was not just that they wanted to leave the EU, but people want control on the movement of people from the EU into the UK. We will deliver on that.”

“We want to get this right and we are going to get this right”

Asked who she might support in the upcoming US Presidential elections, the Prime Minister would not be drawn into either side.

“There’s a tradition here in the UK that we don’t support a particular party in the American election,” she said. “It’s now up to the American people to decide who they want as President.”

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