Theresa May Should Have Sacked Sajid Javid For Criticising Brexit Court Ruling

Although Javid had insisted on Question Time that he was criticising the people who brought the court case rather than the judges, Patten said he couldn’t believe that the Communities Secretary had joined the criticism.

The Tory grandee added that when he was Governor of Hong Kong he had had to tell the Chinese what ‘the rule of law’ meant, including the courts creating political difficulties sometimes.

“Theresa May…made her reputation in politics by condemning the Conservative party for looking like ‘the Nasty Party’.

“Here we are with a debate in this country which is starting to make us look mean and a bit nasty,”

“Theresa May should make it absolutely clear that she don’t like the way that tabloid editors have been pushing this debate, that we actually need to behave more decently to one another and with a great deal more respect, as a couple of bishops have been saying.

“It’s for Theresa May to give that sort of leadership.”

Patten is now a crossbench peer in the House of Lords, a move taken when he became chairman of the BBC Trust. He is Chancellor of Oxford University.

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