Theresa May: The Not-So-Secret Hardcore Brexiteer

The Conservatives are, however, playing a very dangerous game. With xenophobic and racist hate crime increasing exponentially since 23 June, our social cohesion as a country can ill-afford the kind of rhetoric emanating from Whitehall. All available evidence points to a progressively more parochial society, a people willing to barricade itself in on the basis of untruths, misperceptions and outright fear. This is no time to seek to gain political advancement from the dire circumstances we find ourselves in. To further inflame the rampant xenophobia tarnishing Britain’s reputation is unbecoming of any socially responsible government. There may well be short-term gains for Theresa May (now a fully ‘out and proud’ hardcore Brexiteer) and her associates from their unabated denigration of those who have made a conscious decision to live and work here. Sadly, the long-term impact of such short-sighted opportunism will unquestionably scar our communities for years to come.

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