Theresa May Under Fire For Hinting NHS Doctors From Overseas Only Welcome Until 2025

Theresa May is facing a backlash after appearing to suggest foreign-born doctors will not be welcome in the United Kingdom beyond 2025.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced plans to train up to 1,500 more doctors a year in a bid to tackle the recruitment crisis and make NHS England “self-sufficient” in doctors by the middle of the next decade.

NHS hospitals rely heavily on foreign doctors, who currently make up 25% of the medical workforce. This morning, Theresa May said the NHS should have a “larger pool of British doctors” to pick from.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, the Prime Minister was asked: “Can you reassure those doctors, nurses, other staff working in the NHS from overseas they are welcome to stay here in that interim period?”

May said:

“Yes. There will be staff here from overseas in that interim period until the further number of British doctors are able to be trained and come on board in terms of being able to work in our hospitals.

“We will ensure the numbers are there. But I think it’s right that we say we want to see more British doctors in our health service.”

Many spotted what they saw as a clear signal from the PM that after the ‘interim period’, foreign-trained doctors would no longer be allowed into the NHS.

Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, responded by criticising the “arrogance” of May’s government.

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