Theresa May Urged By Tory MPs Including Dominic Grieve And Anna Soubry To Speak Out On Article 50 Ruling Backlash

On Friday, Theresa May’s spokesman said that he does not think the judiciary is being undermined by extreme media coverage.

The Guardian reported the refused to condemn any of Friday’s front pages, despite widespread criticism of the coverage in a number of papers, including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sun and Daily Telegraph.

He said: “I don’t think the British judiciary is being undermined.

“I’m not commenting on newspaper coverage.”

Friday’s front pages included the Daily Mail featuring a line-up of the High Court judges and labelling them “enemies of the people”, while the Daily Express likened the decision to the dark days of the Second World War and claimed this was “the day democracy died”.

The Telegraph and the Sun also came under fire.

Gary Lineker led the charge in response...

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