Theresa May Warned A ‘Hard Brexit’ Could Bring ‘Harsh’ Consequences

Senior Tories have warned against a “hard” and “harsh” Brexit after Theresa May revealed Article 50 would be triggered by March next year.

Commons Education Committee chair Neil Carmichael and former minister Anna Soubry both stressed the importance of the single market and warned a “hard Brexit” – with the UK outside the free trade zone – would damage the economy.

Hours after the PM finally announced her timetable for exiting the EU,  Carmichael told pro-Europe Tories the country must avoid a damaging Brexit “at all costs”.

“We would be unwise to challenge the democratic view but we would be reckless if we did not challenge some of the consequences of a hard or harsh Brexit,” he told members of the Conservative Group for Europe.

“Because we have got to understand that if it is a hard Brexit, it is also a harsh Brexit.

“Whatever nuance that people might like to say, however people might like to describe Brexit, whether it’s hard, soft or I would hopefully say, sensible, what we must avoid at all costs is a Brexit that damages our economy, damages our capacity as a nation to perform capably in the future and actually damages Europe.”

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