Theresa May Would "Wish Good Luck" To Both Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

Downing Street has sparked a backlash after declaring that Theresa May would wish Donald Trump  – as well as Hillary Clinton – “good luck” in the US Presidential election.

Asked if the Prime Minister had any messages for the Trump or Clinton, her spokesman said on Monday: “I think the Prime Minister would wish them both good luck.”

No.10 made clear there was no favouritism, and swiftly repeated its usual stance that the election was “a matter for the voters of America”.

But Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said: “Donald Trump is not just mad and bad but he’s also dangerous. Why would you wish him luck? I have never seen anyone so unworthy of the office of the Presidency in history.

“He is a nasty misogynist and woefully under prepared for the immense responsibility that comes with sitting in the Oval Office.

“I am worried that millions of people will vote for him this week. The party of Abraham Lincoln is now the party of Donald Trump.”

Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister, also laid into Trump, defying the usual convention of British politicians not commenting on the election.

“I have already made my views on Donald Trump clear, when late last year I withdrew his status as a GlobalScot,” she said in a Facebook post.

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