Toby Young: Not Much Evidence New Grammars Will Help The Poorest

However, the Prime Minister declared last week that the driving force behind her reform plans was to create a “truly meritocratic Britain”.

Young’s father, the late Labour peer Michael Young, coined the term ‘meritocracy’ in the 1950s, as a satire on the idea that aristocratic elites should be replaced by elites based on ability. Much of his social research fuelled the abolition of grammar schools.

Young told Radio 4: “There is a danger if you introduce a whole raft of education reforms when the previous reforms introduced by Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan are just bedding down, you are going to create another wave of disruption and make it harder for head teachers and governors to do their jobs.

“Within the teaching community, new grammars aren’t going to be very popular. Most schools will be concerned that if a new grammar opens next door to them it’s going to have an adverse impact on them, and there are good grounds for thinking that.”

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