Tom Watson And Michael Foster

We are still seeing a long list of criminal and anti-social acts allegedly perpetrated by Corbynistas used to justify insults used against them, but where is the evidence? Are those who make these accusations privy to information which the police are not? A number of claims about abusive or threatening behaviour have been categorically refuted, yet they are still endlessly repeated as fact. Corbynistas, or, as you could also describe them, people who support Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, are just that. People. I have been to a number of ward and CLP level meetings, with roughly a 50/50 split for and against Corbyn. Yes there has been discussion, at times even debate, but nothing even verging on an argument. I have spoken to people from across the country and have yet to find anyone who was actually AT a meeting where hordes of new members stormed the meeting and were disrespectful and hostile. Maybe it has happened somewhere. But if so it’s hardly the norm. As for the much maligned Momentum group, those I know are ladies of a certain age who crochet and sell baked goods to raise funds. Hardly the militant pressure group I have heard about.

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