Tom Watson Says "Bring It On" To Corbyn Supporters Thinking Of Ousting Him

Tom Watson has told his critics to “bring it on” if they think they can topple him as Labour’s deputy leader.

Ahead of a crucial meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC), Watson warned that he was ready for any challenge to his post from Jeremy Corbyn supporters.

His remarks, to Parliament’s ‘The House’ magazine, came as MPs prepared for Corbyn’s expected re-election this Saturday, with several poised to put their name forward for the Shadow Cabinet.

In what has been billed as a ‘showdown’ between Watson and Corbyn, the NEC will vote on Tuesday on a plan to scrap the current leadership election rules and replace direct votes for party members with an electoral college of unions, MPs and individuals.

The party’s ruling body will also discuss plans from MPs to give them a say over who is in the Shadow Cabinet.

Watson’s supporters point out that he was directly elected in 2015 by 198,000 Labour members and union affiliates and therefore has his own direct mandate.

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