Tony Blair Denies Calling Jeremy Corbyn A ‘Nutter’

In October, Blair said there should be a second referendum to reverse the “catastrophe” of Brexit if people want one.

The former prime minister said the UK should “keep our options open” when it came to leaving the EU – despite June’s vote which saw the public choose to leave.

“If it becomes clear that this is either a deal that doesn’t make it worth our while leaving, or a deal that is so serious in its implications that people may decide they don’t want to go, there’s got to be some way, either through parliament, through an election, possibly through a referendum, in which people express their view,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“There is no reason why we should close off any options,” he said. “The country has taken a decision in a referendum, there is no way that decision can be reversed, unless it becomes clear once people see the facts they change their mind.”

Blair also repeated his criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, but rejected the suggestion he would quit Labour. “I am not suggesting new poltical parties, I’m Labour, I’ll stay Labour,” he said.

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