Tony Blair Targeted By Lawyers Combing The Chilcot Report For Grounds To Prosecute Him

Tony Blair is being targeted by at least half a dozen lawyers who are combing the recently-released Chilcot report to find new grounds to prosecute him. 

Reg Keys, whose son Tom Keys was killed in the Iraq War, revealed they were “drilling down” into the 2.6 million-word report after a successful £150,000 crowd-funding campaign to pay for the work.

The Iraq War Families Campaign Group launched the fundraiser on July 19 and despite passing its target, money has continued to roll in, now totalling £159,000 from more than 5,100 donors.

That cash is funding a forensic legal analysis of the Chilcot report to establish whether a case can brought against Blair or any of his allies “who might have acted unlawfully or in excess of their powers”.

Keys, who has led the campaign with fellow bereaved father Roger Bacon, told the Press Association: “We’re hopeful the next time you see us, it’ll be at the Royal Courts of Justice to bring a civil prosecution over this debacle.”

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