Tories For Trump: Meet The Senior Conservatives Who Backed Him Over Hillary Clinton

Fabricant, a former government whip who, like Trump, is known for his distinctive blonde hair, went one step further, saying he thought the Republican would make “a great president”. 

He said Trump would likely change in office, becoming “very pragmatic” with a different set of advisors.

Fabricant told the BBC in May: “I don’t agree with much, if anything, of what [Trump’s] said up to now, but if he were elected president – I think it’s unlikely – but if he were elected president, I don’t think that it would necessarily mean that he would be a bad president at all.

“In fact, I think potentially he would could be a great president, because just as he knows – and has clearly demonstrated that he knows – how to become the Republican candidate and defeat all the others, I think as soon as he were to become president he would be very pragmatic, he would have different advisors around him…”

He later told The Huffington Post UK  that Clinton and Trump were “the two most unattractive candidates imaginable”.

“It has become boringly predictable for those who pretend to be in the know, to write off Donald Trump completely as a future president,” Fabricant said.

4. Steve Hilton

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