Tory Councillor Christian Holliday Holds Petition To Make Supporting UK Membership Of EU Treason

A Tory councillor has started a petition to make treasonable a act of hostile Brexit.

Christian Holliday, member of a Guildford Conservative Association, is presumably so angry by Remainers he is effectively seeking for them to face life imprisonment, a limit judgment for a offence. 

The petition reads:

Amend a Treason Felony Act to make ancillary UK membership of a EU a crime.

The Treason Felony Act be nice to embody a following offences:
– ‘To imagine, devise, promote, work, or inspire others, to support UK apropos a member of a European Union;
– To collaborate with unfamiliar powers to make a UK, or partial of a UK, turn a member of a EU.’

Guildford residents voted to Remain in a EU by 56%.

Unsurprisingly, a twitter from Holliday compelling his debate has been met mostly with ridicule. 

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