Tory MP David Davies Says Hate Crimes Must Not Be ‘Exaggerated’

A Conservative MP who was one of the leading Brexit campaigners in Wales has criticised people for “exaggerating” the spike in hate crimes reported before and after the EU referendum.

David Davies attacked those who were using the incidents to “build a narrative” to silence Brexiters and shut down “legitimate political debate”.

The Monmouth MP, who recently led calls for child refugees from Calais to have dental checks to prove their age, said it was wrong to blame senior politicians who backed Brexit for the spike in hate crime. 

Between June 16 and 30, 3,198 hate crimes were reported – 42% more than were reported in the same period in 2015. The highest number of hate crimes was reported on June 25, the day after the result was declared, when 289 reports were made.

A UN body was among those who laid the blame at politicians’ “divisive, anti-immigrant and xenophobic” rhetoric during the EU referendum campaign

Nick Lowles, chief executive of charity Hope Not Hate, said earlier this week that there was a deliberate stratergy by Nigel Farage and Leave.EU founder Arron Banks “to use emotion – to deliberately highlight immigration, sovereignty, nationality as a tool to wind people up”.

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