Tory Welsh Leader Accidentally Declares The UK ‘Will Make Breakfast A Success’ Instead Of ‘Brexit’

It’s simply done. The personality of a Welsh Conservative Party dramatically announced currently from a theatre of a party’s discussion that a United Kingdom will make “breakfast” a success. 

He meant to contend “Brexit”.

Speaking in Birmingham this morning, Andrew RT Davies AM pronounced a EU referendum outcome presented Wales with an “opportunity to build a confidant new future”.

“To wring control from those who wish Brexit to destroy only so they can contend ‘I told we so’,” he told a celebration faithful.

“Countries are not built on soundbites, navel gazing or dull promises. Countries are built by those who purpose adult their sleeves, knuckle down and get on with a job.

“Working together with the glorious new primary minister, Theresa May we WILL make Brexit a success,” he predicted.

Davies combined with flair: “And discussion symbol my words. we WILL make breakfast.”

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