Transition Team: No Secret Clearances Sought for Trump’s Children

AP File

By Anna Giaritelli (@anna_giaritelli) • THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team denounced a report that the incoming leader has requested top secret security clearances for his three adult children.

A White House transition team member said Trump did not request that step be taken, as CBS News reported earlier Monday evening. In addition, the Trump children, Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr., have not filed out paperwork for the clearances and that action is “not something” they are “expecting right now.”

Trump would have to appoint the three campaign advisers to his national security team to give them reason for the clearance, and the White House currently prohibits family members of the president from working in the executive branch.

Due to the kids’ taking over the Trump Organization in January, the appointment would additionally pose a conflict of interest.

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