Trotsky Would Laugh

Just don’t call this centre Right politics a labour party, for labour means Left, by definition. The labour movement is founded on Left wing principals, beginning in Scotland in 1889 the early labour movement weaved together multitudinous Left schools of thought, almost as varied as the people involved. It was the working class, ordinary folk, coming together to organise, agitate and take control of their working life, defending themselves against capitalist and industrial excess. Defining the conditions of their labour. Left. Socialist. Organiser. Agitator. These are not things to be ashamed about. These words and values brought us the eight hour working day by James Deb via the short-time movement, along with countless other examples and social victories. Unions were born with the Amalgamated Society of engineers in 1851, and later the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in 1868, and it is telling that the unions are predominantly backing Jeremy Corbyn’s Left policies instead of Owen Smith’s soft Conservatism.

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