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If Donald Trump would like to see “Hamilton,” a pound strike Broadway uncover that he has been criticizing on Twitter, he’ll be means to obstacle tickets, even nonetheless it is sole out.

And if he only wants to keep tweeting? Well that’s okay, too.

“I urge he keeps tweeting — a uncover will sell out for decades, not only years,” longtime open family consultant Ken Sunshine told CNNMoney.

Sunshine is one of a many investors in “Hamilton,” that has turn rarely essential by Broadway standards, something Trump competence appreciate.

On Sunday he tweeted that he has listened a low-pitched is “highly overrated.”

It is indeed one of a best-reviewed, most-awarded shows in Broadway history.

And Trump, whose Trump Tower penthouse is one mile from a theater, is acquire to come see it, according to a show’s lead producer, Jeffrey Seller.

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He told The New York Times that Trump is “welcome to attend.”

The prolongation would expected find seats for a president-elect if he contacted a uncover — like Pence did on Friday.

There has been no ask for tickets yet, however.

“If he were unequivocally intelligent he would go see it — like so many Republicans, like a Bushes, a Cheneys,” Sunshine said. George W. Bush recently seemed in a PBS documentary, “Hamilton’s America,” about a show.

President-elect Trump criticized “Hamilton” on Saturday and again on Sunday after his Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed while attending Friday night’s performance.

After a shutting number, Brandon Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr, disheartened any serve booing and pronounced to Pence, “We wish we will hear us out.”

“We, sir, we are a different America who are dumbfounded and concerned that your new administration will not strengthen us, a planet, a children, a parents, or urge us and defend a inalienable rights,” Dixon pronounced in a prepared statement. “We truly wish that this uncover has desirous we to defend a American values and to work on interest of all of us.”

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Pence pronounced on “Fox News Sunday” that he “wasn’t annoyed by what was said.”

As for a booing (along with some cheers) from a assembly members, Pence said, “I nudged my kids and reminded them that is what leisure sounds like.”

But Trump dismissed off several tweets about it, observant on Saturday that Pence was “harassed final night during a museum by a expel of Hamilton, cameras blazing. This should not happen!” He called on a expel to apologize and reiterated that call on Sunday.

People compared with a uncover have been floored by Trump’s reaction.

Sunshine, a boss of a high-powered P.R. organisation Sunshine Sachs, said, “I get a politics of him wanting to collect a quarrel with a artistic village and people like me — though he is so wrong about Hamilton. The uncover is a hugely nationalistic criticism on what America is ostensible to be.”

Sunshine Sachs represents “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, though Sunshine was vocalization on his own. Miranda was bustling all weekend on a press debate for “Moana;” he wrote songs and sang for a Disney charcterised film.

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But Miranda tweeted on Friday night, “Proud of @HamiltonMusical. Proud of @BrandonVDixon, for heading with love. And unapproachable to remind we that ALL are acquire during a theater.”

According to a orator for a production, “tickets to ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway are sole out by Aug 2017.”

Tickets re-sell on a web for good over $1,000.

As for Trump, Sunshine quipped, “He couldn’t be doing some-more to foster a show.”

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