Turning London’s backstreets into smart food markets

This businessman is transforming London's travel food scene

Jonathan Downey loves to chuck a party.

A heading figure in London’s colourful food and splash industry, he likes eating out to be noted and fun.

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Downey is one of a co-founders of London Union — a association that turns neglected corners of a city into bustling travel food markets. British luminary chefs Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson are large fans.

A former lawyer, Downey set adult a business final year with Henry Dimbleby — co-founder of quick food sequence Leon — and total it with his prior try Street Feast.

London Union charges food vendors and visitors to a venues, and says it creates most of a increase from splash sales. It generated $4.6 million in sales in a initial 5 months.

“I came during it as a business and not only wanting to have a good time,” Downey says. “I did have a good time as well, though we approached it with a unequivocally veteran attitude.”

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London Union now runs 4 travel markets, including Dinerama, located in easterly London’s once decayed Shoreditch area. A former repository for bullion bullion trucks, it now hosts a bustling, 16,000 block feet market.

Generation gap

Dinerama is open Thursday to Sunday and attracts about 10,000 visitors a week. London Union estimates that some-more than 750,000 people will revisit a markets in a subsequent 12 months.

“I only like that mass consumption, that crowd, that atmosphere, that vibe we get when everybody is together in one place enjoying a same thing,” Downey says.

The Dinerama market, in London.

London Union wants to enhance during home and abroad, and has skeleton for a flagship, permanent travel food marketplace in an “iconic London building.”

Downey attributes London Union’s success, during slightest in part, to a change in immature people’s interests.

“Young people are not going out drinking, they are not spending time in nightclubs a approach my era did,” observes Downey. “There’s most some-more of an seductiveness in food, food from all around a world.”

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