Uber turns friends’ phones into destinations

Our float in a self-driving Uber

Uber is branch where your crony is station into a destination.

In a initial vital app refurbish given 2012, a association introduced new facilities Wednesday to make requesting a float and removing picked adult faster. Soon, you’ll even be means to ask a float directly to a friend’s location.

Uber owner and CEO Travis Kalanick told reporters progressing this week a app updates intend to save people time.

“We indispensable a new complement to understanding with a flourishing set of facilities that were pier adult on an comparison design,” Kalanick said.

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For riders perplexing to transport to someone, not somewhere, Uber will now entrance your contacts and use a person’s plcae as a destination. By typing a person’s name into a “Where to?” hunt option, Uber asks a crony for capitulation to share sum about their whereabouts. The motorist will afterwards take we directly to your friend’s location.

Although a app already provides a cost guess and a time attainment prediction, a refurbish will also make some-more information straightforwardly available. To start, Uber will be pulling sum about car options — such as UberX and Uber Pool — and pricing into one spot. Riders will also be means bond their device’s calendar to a app. If Uber notices an eventuality entrance up, it will advise a end on a home screen.

In addition, Uber will advise pickup areas optimized for a quickest route, even if a supplement is in a wily plcae that where motorist can’t simply find. This will assistance equivocate carrying to call a motorist to settle on a assembly spot.

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Uber is also rolling out a collection of party integrations. You’ll be means to review Yelp reviews of restaurants close to your destination, send a Snapchat with a singular Uber filter or brand songs on Pandora — directly within a Uber app. It’s also probable to sequence a dish around UberEats, a company’s food smoothness service.

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The facilities will hurl out gradually for iOS and Android users in a entrance weeks.

Uber pronounced no additional reserve facilities — such as a panic button, that is already accessible in countries like India — will be combined to a app for now.

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