Ukip Leadership Candidate Raheem Kassam Apologises For ‘Violent, Crass, Unacceptable’ Sturgeon Joke

Kassam also admitted that his mother told him off for sending the post, telling him: “Please don’t use bad language.”

“I said ‘Sorry mum, I won’t do it again’,” Kassam explained. 

But the man hoping to replace Farage as leader maintained that he was “not going to get down on my knees and plead for forgiveness”.

He said: “I have a heart, I have a conscience. Whether or not you believe it, that exists. I know what contrition feels like. And I’ve said I’m sorry and I’ve said I’m not going to do it again.”

Some of Kassam’s other Twitter posts have earned him criticism, too.  The Metro newspaper’s deputy news editor Joel Taylor posted a screenshot of an old message from him that said “Now fuck off for good” in response to a story that his now rival in the Ukip contest, Suzanne Evans, had been suspended from the party. 

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