UKIP Leadership Favourite Steven Woolfe Quits, Claims He WAS Attacked By Fellow MEP

“And pretty much after that I don’t recall a great deal until I was bought around by parliamentary doctors who at that time I could see had, well I could feel it, there was a plastic something thrown into my mouth because apparently my thorax had partially collapsed.

“I’d had 2 seizures – one of 3 minutes, one of 2 minutes, I’d been unconscious for quite some time, and there was partial paralysis down the left hand side and down my face and they were incredibly concerned about me.

“And if wasn’t for them being so near to the Parliament, the two doctors and the MEP who was medically trained things would’ve been a lot more severe for me and I’m incredibly grateful for their actions in saving me.”

Hookem has denied the claims, telling the BBC previously: “When I walked in he approached me to attack me. He came at me, I defended myself. There were no punches thrown, there was no face slapping, there were no digs, there was nothing.”

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