Ukip Rules Steven Woolfe Instigated Row With Mike Hookem And ‘Meant For It To Be Physical’

Hookem responded to the inquiry’s findings, saying: “It’s clear from the report that Woolfe instigated the altercation. As I have admitted, I should not have risen to the bait and gone outside the room. But I reiterate, I did not hit him.

“It’s unfortunate that, as the report found, he fell and banged his head after falling backwards through an opened door. However, there is no evidence to suggest that I hit him at any time.”

Woolfe maintained in an interview after that he “received a blow from Mr Hookem that knocked me back…and caused my subsequent injuries”.

Hookem also tackled European Parliament President Martin Schulz, after his row with Woolfe was referred to the French police

“Martin Schulz appears to be acting as judge, jury and executioner despite his Mickey Mouse enquiry only having interviewed one witness – Steven Woolfe.

“Schulz is engaged in political mischief-making. His prejudicial nature is very evident.”


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