Ukip Silence Over Youth Wing’s ‘Hate Filled Slurs’ Is Extraordinary, Says Lib Dems

Ukip has been blasted for staying silent after it was revealed members of its youth wing traded Islamophobic, homophobic and anti-Semitic comments in a secret Facebook group.

HuffPost UK revealed last month that members of the The YI [Young Independence] Faculty group have used the word “faggot”, described Islam as a religion of “hatred, genocide and slavery” and claimed the Prophet Mohammed was a “murderous paedophile.”

Other insults included body-shaming Ukip leadership candidate Lisa Duffy.

Among those making the comments was a former Ukip parliamentary candidate, and the group itself was administered by figures at the top of the party’s Young Independence wing.

Yet despite repeated requests for information on whether any disciplinary action, including a call to Ukip’s new chairman Paul Oakden, the party have not revealed if anything has been done.

Lib Dem MP Greg Mulholland said: “The comments posted in this Ukip Facebook group are disgraceful and our politics must have no space for such hate-filled slurs.

“It is extraordinary that Ukip are not saying what action they have taken, if at all.

“Silence from the Ukip hierarchy sends the strong message that they are willing to tolerate such comments, which itself encourages further such behaviour.

“I would urge Ukip’s senior leaders to immediately condemn the comments in this Facebook group, take disciplinary action where necessary, and to remind its activists of what acceptable behaviour is and what isn’t.”

Group members also frequently use the word “cuck” – an insult associated with white supremacist groups – to disparage supporters of Douglas Carswell and others who are perceived to be disloyal to Nigel Farage.

After HuffPost UK revealed the comments being traded in the group, it was closed down by the administrators.

Yet despite one member of YI telling HuffPost UK the group “is full of some of the most racist, hurtful and pathetic comments I have ever seen”, it is not clear that any action has been taken.

Nathan Somerville – Ukip’s candidate in Livingstone in the 2015 General Election – described Jews on Twitter putting brackets around their names as having “literally sewed stars on themselves.”


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