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Undecided voters: It’s about who we hatred less

Clinton or Trump? I'm voting for a obtuse of dual evils

Maria Garcia thinks there’s usually one approach to explain America’s presidential election: “I’ve never seen this before in my life.”

Like many Americans, Garcia doesn’t caring for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. For months, a Orlando, Florida proprietor has been introspective and praying about what to do on Election Day.

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YMYV Maria Garcia solo Maria Garcia of Florida.

She’s one of a few remaining undecideds in a critical state of Florida where both of a heading possibilities are spending millions on ads. Garcia is Cuban-American. She was innate on a island, though fled when Fidel Castro came to power. She’s been a U.S. citizen given 1976.

“I only don’t wish Hillary in power,” she told CNNMoney. “But Trump is not earnest either.”

For now, Garcia believes her best choice is not to vote. It would be a initial time in 40 years she would leave a presidential list blank.

Garcia’s family is torn. Her husband, Miguel, skeleton to opinion for Trump, notwithstanding his feelings that a GOP claimant “isn’t a loyal Republican.” Their dual grown daughters are voting for Clinton.

CNNMoney interviewed over 80 electorate in a pivotal pitch states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania in September. We circled behind with a uncertain electorate this week.

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Why I’m disposition Trump

The immeasurable infancy of them have done adult their minds about who they will NOT opinion for on Nov. 8. Now it’s down to possibly they can reason their nose and pull a symbol for a other candidate.

bruce davis ohio
Bruce Davis of Ohio.

Bruce Davis lives in Pike County, Ohio, a place Mitt Romney won by a singular opinion in 2012. He was uncertain in September. He’s always been independent-minded, and drinks frequently with one friend who supports Trump and another who is a Clinton supporter.

Davis voted for President Obama both times, though he can’t stomach Clinton. He can’t get past her many email issues.

“It unequivocally sticks in my craw. It seems like a ubiquitous negligence [for protocol] and arrogancy,” he told CNNMoney.

Davis isn’t a fan of Trump, though he sees him as someone who will “shake adult a standing quo.”

“Anything that creates a infancy of a politicians worried in Washington competence be a good thing,” he says.

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I competence write in…

Scott Hammond also lives in Pike County. He’s “disgusted” with a options this year, though he’s done adult his mind to be in a “Never Trump” camp. He compares a Trump debate to a Jerry Springer special.

ymyv ohio scott hammond solo
Scott Hammond of Ohio.

“More than likely, we will opinion for Clinton. But right now, we wouldn’t dedicate to that,” Hammond, 49, told CNNMoney Wednesday. He’s deliberation a write in.

A life-long kinship guy, Hammond is removing a lot of vigour to opinion for Clinton. But he’s a business manager of a Boilmakers Local 105 in southern Ohio. His provision — and a jobs of everybody he helps paint — count on coal-fired energy plants.

He’s only not certain he can parasite a box for Clinton after her acknowledgement in a CNN city gymnasium progressing this year that, “We’re going to put a lot of spark miners and spark companies out of business.”

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Why I’m disposition Clinton

Jeff Crosby of Cleveland, Ohio, says he doesn’t trust possibly candidate. He suspicion about voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson, though after Johnson flubbed a doubt about war-torn Aleppo, Syria in an talk with MSNBC, he motionless he couldn’t do it.

your opinion jeff crosby facebook
Jeff Crosby of Ohio.

It’s down to Clinton or Trump.

“If we have to collect between a rapist and someone who’s mentally unstable, we consider I’m going for a criminal,” Crosby says.

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Crosby, age 38, works with at-risk girl in a mostly African-American area of easterly Cleveland. He did jail time himself and hugely regrets his progressing life choices when he was partial of a gang.

“I’m voting for a best of dual evils,” Crosby says. It’s a line so many have told CNNMoney this year.

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How women perspective Trump

For many American women, including Lizbeth Martell of Kissimmee, Florida, and Angie Shanks of Waverly, Ohio, a 2005 fasten that flush of Trump creation intensely licentious and intimately assertive comments about women was shocking.

It was a determining cause for Martell, who early on had been vehement to see Trump burst in a competition given of his business background. Martell’s family owns a renouned Puerto Rican restaurant in executive Florida. They work each day of a year, solely Thanksgiving Day.

YMYV ohio angie shanks
Angie Shanks of Ohio.

“Then [Trump] non-stop his mouth and that was unequivocally hapless to see who he unequivocally is,” she told CNNMoney. Martell voted early for Clinton in Florida.

Shanks is also a tiny business owner. She runs a genuine estate organisation in southern Ohio, an area she describes as “struggling, though surviving.” She voted for President Obama, though is dissapoint that her health word has tripled given Obamacare took effect.

“Trump is a furious card,” Shanks says. But as she looks around her city — a place where businesses have sealed and heroin obsession is prevalent among a town’s mostly white impoverished race — she’s peaceful to hurl a dice.

“Things do need to change, generally for a small village here,” she believes.

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