Unpaid Internships… It’s Still Not What You Know

We tell our disadvantaged children to work harder, aspire higher and overcome challenges. What we omit to mention is this base truth: educational disadvantage is truly a lifelong barrier to success. I do not blame those from affluent backgrounds, whose parents can afford to support them for making the choice to work for free. They are simply reacting to the demands of their chosen profession and in they early echelons of their career, they cannot affect change. What is needed is structural change to recruitment into these professions; the outlawing of unpaid internships and the creation of paid roles for these jobs. Until we make this commitment, we fail to eliminate yet another obstacle in the battle for equality of opportunity. Until we make this commitment, journalism, as well as so many other professions is missing a huge talent pool. As far as I can see, your ability to write, articulate, heal or lead is not inherently linked to your parents’ wealth. It is our society which makes it so.

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