User-Generated Ideology On Social Media: A New Study Shows How Users Oppose And Support Jeremy Corbyn On Twitter

The mainstream media’s anti-Corbyn discourses informed users’ opposition to Corbyn on Twitter. This became evident in two ways: First, the analysed tweets often linked to articles in the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Express, the Sun and the Times. Second, mainstream news discourses were reproduced by users online. These discourses included the claims that Corbyn wanted to create a command economy, loved Britain’s enemies, and has a “loony-left” hippie-culture, lifestyle and personality. The ideal-type anti-socialist tweet said either that “Jeremy Corbyn is a radical, Marxist, socialist, communist, militant, revolutionary left-wing extremist whose politics are outdated and old-fashioned” or concluded that “Jeremy Corbyn will destroy Britain and the Labour Party and must be stopped”. User-generated ideology is not independent from, but highly interlinked with mainstream media’s power structures.