Visa is employing Olympians to work in a office

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Visa is hiring. The requirements: 1) bachelor’s grade 2) being an Olympian.

The association has launched a career module for former Olympic athletes who are looking to pierce over sports. Visa (V) is charity them placements in their offices in a Bay Area.

The module is open to athletes who have competed during a Olympics or Paralympics within a final 6 years. That duration covers dual summer games, London 2012 and Rio 2016, and dual winter games, Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014.

The successful field will do dual six-month rotations with several departments opposite a company, including marketing, sponsorship, product and sales. Visa, one of a central sponsors of a Olympic Games, pronounced it doesn’t have a specific series of open positions.

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visa employing olympians

“Olympic athletes have huge intensity to be tomorrow’s business leaders — they’re dedicated, hard-working, high-level performers and purpose models to boot,” pronounced Kate Johnson, Visa’s clamp boss of Global Sponsorship Marketing.

Johnson is an Olympic china medalist. She won a china award during a Athens 2004 Olympic Games in a women’s 8 rowing competition.

“When we consider about a values and collection we gained as an Olympic athlete, we pull on those daily in my career here during Visa,” she said.

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Research shows many athletes onslaught with a transition from sports to other careers. They spend years focusing on training and organizing their lives around competition, many underneath consistent watch of their coaching teams.

And even if they grasp success, many athletes will need to find a opposite career trail for themselves after retirement. Only a tip few in a many obvious sports can means to rely on sponsorship money after retirement.

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