Want To Better Understand ‘Post-Truth’ Politics? Then Study Postmodernism

Nevertheless, perhaps the current use of the word post-truth is best reflected by the more overt postmodernist theories of Jean Baudrillard, whose book Simulacra and Simulation argued that advances in communication technology have left us with a confused understanding of what is real. This is hyper-reality or, in other words, ‘a real without origin or reality’, as we are unable to distinguish between the real and the false, especially if two things lay claim to the same truth or origin. Furthermore, Jean François Lyotard wrote in his book In Human that the grand metanarratives, or ideologies of the Enlightenment, have become less meaningful to us and this has resulted in our general distrust of scientific and social scientific claims to truth. Here, both Baudrillard, writing in the late 1970s and 80s, and Lyotard, writing in the late 1970s, were articulating the view of the world that has suddenly been popularised by the word post-truth.

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